Thursday, May 31, 2007

Apple(s) & Orange(s) & Fuckwits Oh My

The U.S. supported South Korea (formerly the Republic of Korea) in a 3-year conflict which began when it was invaded by forces of North Korea (formerly Democratic [ironically enough] People's Republic of Korea). As hostilities remained between these two sovereign nations, the US maintained (and still does) a presence to stave off possible future attacks.
The U.S. launched an unprovoked attack on the sovereign nation of Iraq in March of 2003 creating mass destruction, chaos, and a breeding ground for al Qaeda terrorists where none existed before; four years later the US still occupies this nation leaving US military members and Iraqi citizens in the middle of a bloody Sunni/Shiite civil war. Bush wants to remain there protecting our oil interests as a stabilizing force -like in South Korea.