Saturday, June 18, 2005

As Good A Time As Any

Well, this morning started out as depressing and gloomy as my mood since last November third and while the clouds appear to be clearing from the surrounding skies I wish I could be as optimisitic about the forecast for America's future.

I've been meaning to write this post for quite some time now, since before I read this post by Paradox over at The Left Coaster and that, as you can see, was written over two months ago.

Back yet? As someone pointed out in the comments of that post (and I'm paraphrasing from memory), that if you've only now lost your 'faith' in America - you're a little late to the game (or young I thought) -the commenter stopped believing in America during the 60's.

I guess that one could reconcile that we've had periods before in which anyone with a brain and or a conscience would not have been proud to call themselves Americans and yet we somehow muddled through, the tide changed and we came out on the other side, while not unscathed, at least somewhat morally intact as a nation and this is just another sad chapter in our history.

I suppose that's what those who continue to post on Downing Street Memos, corporate tycoon convictions, occasional Democratic challenges (Conley, Dean and Durbin as of late) and Bush's tanking poll numbers imagine. They reckon there will be a 'tipping point' at some time in the future in which these things will matter; maybe they even believe that members of the current administration will be held accountable for their actions in the future. I close my eyes and will that I could see this too - but I can't.

I can't because we've already moved on from the most permanently damaging events. Fraudulent elections. That's game, set and match, folks. Unless and until safeguards are put in place to guarantee that elections cannot be stolen as they were in 2000, 2002 and 2004 we're doomed and I don't see that (safeguards) happening.

Anyway, this is a very verbose way of saying that I haven't the stomach to blog politics in America anymore - I'll leave that to those with a stronger constitution than myself and 'thems' that still believe.

Those of you who recognize the decor here may be aware that since November of 2003, I blogged over here to keep things going for Terry who was deployed to Afghanistan. While attempting to post on Friday morning, I found that Blogger had evidently 'disappeared' the Nitpicker blog. This happened on one other occasion and the blog shortly re-appeared as suddenly as it had evaporated so I wasn't immediately concerned. However, it's been more than a day now without a voila moment and, other than the auto-reply, I haven't heard back from Blogger. Since, like this blog, it was a high-level, free blog - I suspect it's unlikely that they'll be able to retrieve a back-up by the time they get around to (if ever) attempting that feat. So, I guess that was the shove off the cliff that I evidently needed to move on.

I'll continue to see if I can't resurrect Nitpicker and try and keep it going for Terry - at the very least, if beyond resurrection, I'll start anew to reserve the blog name.

So, that about covers old, blue (albeit in a different sense) and borrowed so I guess it's on to new.

There's a self portrait in the upper right. It was taken quite a long time ago and I assure you that while I look nothing like that now, my chromosomal constitution remains intact (except for maybe some shorter telomeres). So, that truly is all of me, actually two of all of me if you count the intact white cell in the lower left in which the dense chromatin mass ( a second genome-equivalent) is visible. Go ahead, count 'em folks ... 46 in all their glory - can you say the same?

So, as the quote implies, this is one of my little diversions. If you're at all like me the diversion part is easy -it's the better return to thinking that I can't always seem to manage.

The blogroll is more than a tad shorter than at Nitpicker. This has nothing to do with the quality of the blogs listed there (that are not listed here) but has to do with the fact that I merely added to a roll that Terry already had going over there and, more to the point, that stomach ailment mentioned above. No doubt the list will grow but it may reflect a different tone and content than the mostly politically progressive list at my old digs.

Now on to that new start ...