Thursday, January 10, 2008

Attempting Relevance

Sadly that could be about so many of our leaders but it happens to be about this:

I just had to use a screen shot of this dyslexic headline as it matches so well with Kerry's campaign (c'mon - I voted for it before I voted against it?).

Supposedly in the works for weeks, Kerry's endorsement was delayed because he wasn't sure how it would "affect the campaign" - so, he held of 'til after the New Hampshire Primary (because after that it should be a done deal and voters shouldn't have a say anyway).

Elections should be about the electorate and it really pisses me off when pols throw around their endorsements to influence the vote one way or another.

I was very disappointed in Al's coming out for Dean in 2004 and I don't know if Kerry's support is meant to tank his own running mate (I can't understand why we think of politics as crass) or derail Hillary but I hope it has the same effect as Gore's endorsement of Dean.

Maybe Kerry thinks if he endorses Obama before, say, a victory in South Carolina, it will make him relevant. It won't.

It's not good enough that the voters are extending this election in a more meaningful act of democracy - they can't keeps their hands off.

In the same article:
“Of all the candidates running, the easiest to rally around is Barack Obama,” Mr. Daschle said in an interview. “Because of his newness on the scene, he has not created the political opposition and enemies that come with extensive service in politics. He is a clean empty slate.”{my bad}

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