Monday, September 03, 2007

What, no Turkey?

Well, at least none with any feathers (that we know of). Yes, Bush made another surprise visit to Iraq sans any Commander-in-Chief-gear lest you think this was some kind of propaganda in advance of the September Report.
The meetings were held at Al Asad air base rather than in Baghdad because Mr. Bush wanted to see first hand the progress in Anbar, he said, though the president is not scheduled to leave the base, a sprawling complex far from the province’s population centers.
Yes, Bush was over heard saying, "I wanna see, well not exactly see, don't wanna get that close to my progress. But feel, I wanna be able to feel the progress. I wanna be close enough that the progress can osmosificateTM through me. I'm feelin' it now".

Reports are that, unfortunately, he didn't make it to the restroom before his progress exploded over everyone.

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