Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Gay Surge?

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Army general who was Joint Chiefs chairman when the Pentagon adopted its "don't ask, don't tell" policy on gays says he no longer opposes allowing them to serve openly.

John Shalikashvili, who retired in 1997 after four years as the nation's top military officer, had argued that allowing homosexuals to serve openly would hurt troop morale and recruitment and undermine the cohesion of combat units. He said he has changed his mind after meeting with gay servicemen.

... His view could carry weight at a time when advocates of lifting the restriction on gay service members argue that the military -- under the strain of fighting two wars -- can ill-afford to exclude any qualified expendible volunteers targets.[emphasis mine]

Well, isn't that special - want to increase troop levels in Iraq but don't have any troops? We don't plan on asking 'cause it's still a sin and all besides being just plain icky but hey we'll even let you tell us because you too should be allowed the opportunity to give your life so that others can line their pockets. After all, if you're busy trying to stay alive or dying over in Iraq maybe you'll forget that whole same-sex marriage stuff.
Shalikashvili cautioned, however, against pushing for repeal of the ban early in the new Congress, which he said should be focused on urgent priorities like developing a better strategy in Iraq and healing divisions over the war.[emphasis mine]
I'm thinking it's one and the same thing if you want Repugnicans to support openly gay service - gotta be something in it for them. Fortunately with their level of incompetence it can't happen that quickly - gotta love the timing though.

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