Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sunday Morning Eye Candy

Okay, so not exactly eye candy - merely additional evidence of proof for the theorem -the CJs are vacationing, therefore it is raining: the second generation. Our girls, who are both teaching English in different areas of South Korea, decided to take a trip to the east coast over this long weekend. They drove through and arrived in rain yesterday to find the area was as beautiful as their information indicated. However, while the locals told them they should just stay another day and things would clear up several cellphone calls from concerned Korean colleagues told them they should return and they did. Things did worsen and the flooding necessitated that they take a particularly circuitous return route going far south as all of the main roads through and around Seoul were flooded. Knowing that their mom generally watches the BBC (and might have heard about the flooding) they called to tell me that they had returned safely to A's apartment - what good kids.