Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A Dem Majority in '07 - Good News or ...

For many of us there aren't sufficient quantities of alcohol and/or drugs to numb us against the pain of our continuing national nightmare and all the parody and satire in the world can no longer provide either relief or laughter. All the more difficult for those of us amidst the cultural isolation of red america - so we tend not to read the news as much, decrease the frequency with which we check on our favorite blogs and our own posting is nonexistent or intermittent at best. It used to be that screaming at the top of your lungs or tapping your frustrations out on a keyboard could offer temporary relief, but for some time now the energy required to overcome the mental inertia that has set in seems to get lost between excited neuron and vocal cord or fingertip. Not so for Billmon who's on a blogging tear as of late.

Some have recently criticized him for this post. Personally, while I don't hope that the Republicans remain in power in either the house or senate, I also no longer believe the Democratic party holds anything for progressives. His argument is that if Democrats win a majority in either or both chambers the only thing that will ensure is that they will be accorded the blame regardless of the reality and it will have no effect on this administration or the havoc it will continue to reek. He's correct -for progressives the outcome doesn't matter. We've already lost.

That said, I think it's still important to replace incumbents like Lieberman - our only hope is in doing so. In this two-party system of ours (or one and a half party as Billmon states) we may be relegated to supporting Democrats but we should end the entitlement of incumbency and whenever possible remove those who least represent us.