Thursday, August 10, 2006


Okay, I'm able to admit when I wrong. At least I guess BushCo doesn't believe they've overplayed it. And now I have to drink airline coffee. Is it just me or does anyone else think that if you've foiled a plot but your not sure you have apprehended everyone involved - that your chances of getting the others may be greater if they don't realize that you're already onto them?
Although plots to blow up airliners using liquid explosives are not new such an attempt was foiled more than a decade ago the U.S. government has been slow to upgrade its security equipment at airport checkpoints to detect explosives on passengers.

U.S. authorities did not say how long the security measures would last. "We are taking the step of preventing liquids from getting into the cabin to give us time to make adjustments," Chertoff said.[my emphasis]
Slow ... oh, I don't know, what's a decade or two. Chertoff, still a witless fuck like the rest of them. Don't you wish they'd just stop pissin' themselves (and trying to get us to do the same) and actually do something about Homeland Security?
Mothers tasted baby food in front of airport security guards to prove it contained no liquid explosives. Liquids and gels were banned from flights. Travelers repacked their luggage in airports, stowing all but the most necessary items in the hold. [my emphasis]
Really. Because if it were liquid explosive that would be sufficient for detonation? Either way what a fucking stupid thing to do. Well, with this red alert they've topped out - what's next? Passengers banned from all commercial flights? This is what we can expect from now 'til November. They're afraid the curtain's being pulled back far enough that the great and powerful Oz Rove will be exposed for the deceitful, vindictive, incompetent that he is - that their little the sky is fallin' and only we can take care of you gig is up.