Monday, August 07, 2006

Antonin Doesn't Hunt Bugs

Poor Republicans, Antonin doesn't have their backs this time.
Texas Republicans on Monday abandoned their court fight to replace former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay on the November ballot after being turned back at the Supreme Court.

The decision came after Justice Antonin Scalia rejected Texas Republicans' request to block an appeals court ruling saying DeLay's name should remain on the ballot.

I guess Tom didn't spend enough time in the duck blinds with Fat Tony. Of course, those wonderful Texans who gave us the likes of Dubya and Delay in the first place could still elect Delay as his name will remain on the November ballot unless he withdraws.

If I lived in the Sugarland district, this alone, would be enough for me to vote for Nick Lampson. But then something tells me I have little in common with people who would not only elect Tom Delay but return him to office nine times, the last time (2004) with 55% of the vote, then 62% of them voted for him this year in the Republican primary while he was under indictment for money laundering. Ah, the family values crowd.