Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Soccer and Pirates

On Sunday I went out to lunch and that pirate movie with friends so I had to tape The World Cup final. Decisions. Decisions. Do I go for lower res and tape for 3 hrs to ensure I can capture 30 minutes of overtime and penalty kicks or do I take a chance taping for 2 hours and hoping they finish in regulation. Of course figuring that both teams would do anything to avoid the match being determined by PKs, given Italy's poor record and the fact that France has, how shall I put it, a sub-par goalkeeper -I elected to only tape for two hours.

After returning from my outing I cranked up the VCR to watch the game and immediately received a phone call from Mr. CJ who's working out of town. I told him I was just about to watch the match and he informed me he had just heard the results on the radio in the vehicle and could save me the trouble. I thanked him but asked him to tell me one thing though ... did it go into overtime? Yes, he said, it ended on penalty kicks. Shit. So Italy won. Yes. All was ruined but I watched anyway.

I missed most of the OT, Zidane's headbutt insanity and all of the PKs. Okay, I realize the guy does headers all the time but smacking another person's head with ... your own, just doesn't strike me as very bright or an effective form of retribution but then maybe that's just because of my soft spot. I felt bad about missing much of the match but, then again, things could have been worse.

Update: Okay, I saw the headbutt and only one (head) was involved and also found that it was actually an act of bravery - Zidane may have saved Materazzi's life.

About the movie - it was moderately entertaining and while I recognized Bill Nighy's voice as well as his eyes in the beautiful character of Davey Jones - every time I saw

I couldn't help thinking of