Thursday, July 06, 2006

When Latter-Day Christians Have Too Many

Offspring that is.
Here's what police say happened: The mother dropped off three of her four children at day care, but somehow she left the baby inside the van. The mother then drove to the church to volunteer. After more than two hours inside, the woman returned to her van to discover the child inside.[emphasis mine]
Only four kids so the no doubt pro-life Mormon mommy is likely under 25 years-old herself. This happens at least once around here every summer (generally not with a positive outcome). But to be fair, the mom is not always Mormon but Jesus H Christ LDS, how do you forget about one of your children -especially shortly after you've loaded them in your MUV!

No perfect parent I but my kids will attest to the fact that I never forgot their presence. Oh sure, our middle child has a tale about us abandoning her (I think it's up to a matter of days now) in the wilderness but in our defense that was a planned abandonment.

We had been portaging most of the day and while we had planned to use a site on this (Duncan) lake as our base camp we left her to hold a campsite while we cruised further up the lake to check out other sites. Hey, we left her with the dogs - our large and wonderfully protective (at least of me - in retrospect he was never all that fond of our kids) Irish Setter, Seamus, and Wile E. Whippet. At any rate we came back for her in less time than this mother for her children and she wasn't suffocating in a car-nor was she nine months old. Besides we ended up with el primo campsite and, afterall, that's what really matters.

But I digress. The point is -some people are not fit to be parents and some, knowing this, choose abortion. For others, those pro-life anti-choice obstructionists well ... suffer the little children. Lucky for this babe that her mom forgot about her in the morning rather that in the afternoon heat.