Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Right* of Conscience Ignorance

The Hon. Judge Jeanne Scott is as ignorant a buffoon as the plaintiff in whose favor she ruled this past week. A pharmacist's refusal to dispense the emergency contraceptive (Plan B) is not a matter of conscience, it's a matter of biological ignorance - shared, evidently, with Jeanne. Plan B is not abortive. Period. I thought someone had a nice summary on the action of this pill awhile back ... he did ... he did ... it was PZ. Pharmacists and, more importantly, legislators and judges: Please Read. At least there's a sign of sanity in the state of Washington (no, not the pharmacists).

Geez, we really need to do something about science education in this country. Naw, then people might come to understand that sexual orientation is not a choice [scroll down video 7] and then they might feel all bad and stuff about the way they have treated these people in the past. Yeah, who am I kidding.

*universally accepted symbol for double entendre [hehe]