Thursday, June 14, 2007

For No Apparent Reason

It was some years ago that a comedienne, it may have been Paula Poundstone, did a bit where she talked about the existence of things she didn't understand -one example, expiration dates on Pepperidge Farm's cookies ... as they're gone before you reach checkout.

In a similar vein, our eldest old boy, Trevor, lost a tooth a couple of weeks and while he healed we fed him a canned food, chicken broth, and rice mixture and I purchased some Pup-peroni soft treats for him as well.

The Pup-peroni treats come in a re-sealable bag. Come on, does anyone think their dog would refuse a treat because it tasted somewhat stale? A cat maybe. Heck, my dogs would fight over a rock if I asked them if they wanted a cookie before I tossed it. Seriously. A re-sealable bag to keep dog treats fresh.