Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A Solid B

That's what I give the Libby jury for their efforts ... convictions on 80% of the charges. Solid because my take is that 10 of the 11 remaining jurors found him guilty on all five counts and they had one holdout out on the Cooper charge who simply couldn't come to terms with the issue of reasonable doubt, perhaps thinking well, I can imagine a scenario ...

I think that explains the questions posed and what appeared to be (at least to me) a desperate plea from the jury for Walton to help set the holdout straight that reasonable doubt didn't mean beyond any conceivable machination. But Walton chose not to clarify - in the end the other 10 decided it was time to go home.

I guess we won't know if that was the case unless some of the jurors start talking (or writing) but all in all a good day for justice in America, and all the result of a few ordinary (ok -maybe a little extraordinary in the case of Fitzgerald) people doing their jobs - congratulations and thank you for a job well done to the entire Fitzgerald crew. This is the first sign I've seen that maybe we haven't taken that final swirl toward the sewer ... perhaps there's hope yet.

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