Saturday, June 30, 2007

An Unfortunate iChoice

To be honest, although a Mac fan for decades (and loving my Macbook Pro), it's unlikely I would ever purchase an iPhone in the first place -isn't there anyone else who just wants a damn phone - without the camera, the mp3 player, the ...

But, even if I wanted all the gadgetry of the iPhone, I wouldn't purchase one. Why? Principle. Conviction. AT&T.

While not surprising, I find it sad that so many who advocate for net neutrality, changes in copyright law and against infringements on freedoms such as with warrantless wiretapping, and who are clearly aware of AT&T's history, are found standing in line for Jobs' latest rather than very publicly boycotting this product as soon as it was announced that AT&T would be the sole service provider (As soon as AT&T bought out Cingular, I switched to T-Mobile).

But, as with our politicians, convictions are exercised only when convenient.