Sunday, August 19, 2007

McCain's Russert

Is Jon Stewart McCain's Tim Russert?

Back in the I. Scooter Libby trial, you know, the trial in which he was convicted on several felony counts, it was revealed [confirmed would be more accurate for those of us paying attention] that Russert was Cheney's tool.

Granted Stewart's show is comedy, which he pointed out during his surgical dissection of Tucker and Paul for their partisan hackery on Crossfire but, he does do political comedy/commentary which is, for the most part, accomplished without the need for political candidates to appear on the show. Why is it then, that is seems as though John McCain is his most oft-appeared (10 times) guest?

Just when McCain seems at one of his lowest points - up he pops on Jon's show. In his latest appearance, Jon quasi-apologizes for the "tiff" they had last time McCain was on (though Jon claims he can't remember what it was about) then he proceeds to tell McCain he'd like to see the old McCain, "speakin' it like it is ..." and McCain again thanks Stewart (for allowing him to be on the show) in a manner that implies this appearance may have been at his (or his campaign's) request.

Let's be clear. There is no old John McCain. There is no new John McCain. His votes in the senate have never coincided with his straight talk on the campaign trails or circuit talk shows and eating his salad with something other than a salad fork is about as maverick as he'll ever be. Again, it's Stewart's show and it is comedy but I also think his propping up of McCain is intellectually dishonest.

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