Thursday, January 11, 2007

Anatomy of a Headline

Presumably the headlines from ABC News:

and the Washington Post:

were derived from the results of the poll they conducted after the miserable fuck-up's speechification last night - which found Americans less than impressed with his way forward.

So, does CNN have different information:

If not, shouldn't that headline have read: The Administration Attempts to Sell Iraq Plan but Americans Aren't Buying

Enough already. Too many Iraqi and American lives have been lost as window dressing in Bush's tragic opera 1upmanship with Poppy. In this final act we merely return to the blameless sociopath who's accountable for nothing - the surge providing the cover necessary for the claim that the failure in Iraq should fall squarely on the Iraqis - because America did all that it could. Now there's a poll question for you: Do you think the purpose of the Preznit's surge plan is allow American withdrawal while avoiding any responsibility for the fiasco that is Iraq?

Republicans: Never Accountable; Never to Blame. Kinda catchy. Maybe they can use in in '08.

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