Friday, June 16, 2006

Local Lunacy

So, a 50 year-old guy, Alofa Time (whose name and ethnicity are important only if, like one of my neighbors, your primary concern on hearing this bizarre and tragic tale is whether or not he's an illegal alien), decides he no longer wants his estranged wife around - not so unusual.

He apparently decides that ending her life prematurely is the way to rid himself of her. A tad more unusual but, unfortunately, not uncommon. But what notches this story up on both the tragic and bizarre scales is how his crime came to be discovered.

Early yesterday morning (~6:30) there was a traffic accident at a major intersection here in Boise in which eyewitnesses claimed that a pick-up truck (Dodge) was intentionally driven head on into a small sedan (Nissan). The driver of the sedan, a 36 year-old mother, and her 4 year-old daughter were dead at the scene; the 8 year-old daughter survived and was taken to the hospital.

A decapitated female head was found on the road at the scene but there was no corresponding body. Alofa, the driver of the truck is, of course, intact albeit 'shaken' (God certainly does work in mysterious ways). The body of his estranged wife was back at home where he left it before deciding to take her head along for the ride in his attempt to commit suicide by driving a full-size pick-up into a tiny car thus claiming two additional innocent lives neither of which was his.