Thursday, June 15, 2006

Cannibalism: Another stop on the path ...

to extinction.

We already know that polar bears are drowning as melting polar ice affects their migratory patterns, now there's evidence that, with their habitat and prey receding, they are resorting to cannibalism for survival.
The study reviewed three examples of polar bears preying on each other from January to April 2004 north of Alaska and western Canada, including the first-ever reported killing of a female in a den shortly after it gave birth.

..."During 24 years of research on polar bears in the southern Beaufort Sea region of northern Alaska and 34 years in northwestern Canada, we have not seen other incidents of polar bears stalking, killing, and eating other polar bears," the scientists said.

Environmentalists contend shrinking polar ice due to global warming may lead to the disappearance of polar bears before the end of the century.
While the independent actions of various states to reduce greenhouse gases may be laudable - it is insufficient. That our nation has not only failed to lead but to participate to any significant degree on this issue is deplorable. That this magnificant creature, along with so many other species, may disappear as a result is a tragedy.

With the mid-term elections coming up, we need to make addressing global warming a priority - vote for individuals who will do so and pressure those already in congress to take action.