Wednesday, June 14, 2006

About 6

So my baby girl sent me this in an e-mail the other day and asked - did it remind me of anything?

I responded that it really hadn't (affirming her belief that I never remember anything) but included this with my response.

It's funny but there are fixed images in my head that come to mind whenever I think about each of my kids, images that don't change over time and have absolutely no connection with their current chronological age.

Time goes by so quickly and we didn't spent enough of it just enjoying them and we didn't take enough pictures but I'm not sure either is really a possibility (from a parent's perspective).

But (about 6) the ages between 4 and 8, were my favorite.
about 6
the labor pains are
a distant, if vivid,
as are
the nights of lying awake
listening for
their breathing
the anxiety over fragility
never exhibited

beyond the spittle
the dirty diapers
and the loudness
of the lack of reasoning

about 6
a time of tears but
mostly laughter
and self-certain

before the states of
know it all
don't kiss me in public
the nights of lying awake
listening for
the key in the lock
and the anxiety over independence
always exhibited

yes, i think
about 6
is best.
I guess maybe we've come full circle now as my enjoyment of them as adults is approaching that of about 6. But while they're damn fine looking young adults(?), in my mind's eye they're much cuter.

It sure is quiet around here. Mr. CJ is out in the field working and all three of our babes adventurers are out of the country. I've really got to get working on digitizing more of our pics and slides.