Thursday, February 01, 2007

Be Afwaid. Be Vewy Vewy Afwaid ....

At least if you live in Boston. Okay, we want to get this right because we wouldn't want to make Boston officials look like complete idiots but ...

Two fake pipe bombs were found at least one of which was reportedly "a very realistic-looking fake" and the perpetrator was identified but not charged.

But then -- ooh ooh flashing lights and batteries, a little electronic advertising campaign and "hundreds of officers are called in to help during the scare", two guys arrested and that's not enough - they want to continue their buffoonery by investigating whether or not Turner broadcasting can be charge criminally or civilly.

Yet elsewhere the response to the light show was, shall we say, a bit more subdued:
In Seattle and several suburbs, the signs were removed without fuss, according to The Associated Press.

"We haven't had any calls to 911 regarding this," Seattle police spokesman Sean Whitcomb told AP on Wednesday.

Police in Philadelphia told AP that authorities had confiscated 56 of the devices. In New York, a street was shut down for 45 minutes after two of the devices were found on an overpass, the New York Post reported. In all, 41 of the devices were found in the city, according to the newspaper.

In Portland, police Sgt. Brian Schmautz said officers had no plans to remove any of the signs, so long as they weren't on municipal property. Nor had officers been dispatched in any kind of bomb scare related to the devices.

"At this point we wouldn't even begin an investigation, because there's no reason to believe a crime has occurred," Schmautz said.
I wonder if those realistic bombs looked as sinister as these devices:

Oh I know this is just a static image and they were all flashy and stuff.

Never mind that they were up for weeks before they were noticed - you have to possess some special kind of deductive reasoning to imagine a terrorist would want to advertise with a device so bright it would be detected before it could reek its special havoc.

These Boston yahoos should definitely be in the running for the next round of heckuva job Brownie-type medal of freedom awards.

MA AG Coakley, her ASSistant Grossman, Boston Mayor Menino, Rep. Markie and Police Commissioner Davis - WANKERS one and all. It seems the only one with any sense was the judge:
Judge Paul K. Leary told Grossman that, according to law, the suspects must intend to create a panic to be charged with placing hoax devices.

It appears the suspects had no such intent, the judge said, but the question should be discussed in a later hearing.
This is the state of our homeland security - feeling safe yet? No? Then at least channel Molly and call your Congressional representatives and try to put an end to this surge nonsense.

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