Friday, April 07, 2006

Good For The Soul

They say confession is good for the soul -so here goes ...

First I have to preface the confession with a little discussion about widgets. The latest Mac OS supports the use of widgets which are small applications that come on and off of your desktop at the touch of a key (or mouse depending on your preference settings). Thus far there are 1893 widgets available for download and they range from useful or entertaining to merely ornamental. Anyway, one such widget-type is a little application that searches internet site(s) and fetches album art for what's currently playing in iTunes. You can then apply the art to your song tracks if you so desire. For music that is either older or, how shall I put it, less mainstream - the widget can make some very creative guesses at what the corresponding album art should be.

Now for the confession part. As usual, I'm listening to my iTunes while I peruse the news and my favorite blogs when 98.6 by Keth begins to play (from a compilation CD - *45s on CD volume 3, '66-'69 and no I don't have volumes 1, 2 or 150). Imagine my surprise when my widget retrieves this for album art:

Who says Mr. Keith isn't an honest man - I'm fairly certain Natalie Maines (along with many of the rest of us) already figured out the white trash part though and, in case you haven't heard, the Dixies Chicks are Not Ready To Make Nice.

*Hey that's 16 tracks out of 8467 to date and ... I still like the song, so there. I suppose I should leave well enough alone and not mention the next CD was a Jim Croce 50th Anniversary Collection ...