Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Geography Lessons

Reading the article from the ABC News site the other day I was surprised to find:
...The Sunday storms caused a clothing store to collapse in Illinois, overturned mobile homes in several states, and pelted thousands of concertgoers with rain in downtown Indianapolis. Power was knocked out to at least 300,000 customers in Illinois, Missouri and Indiana.

Half a dozen tornadoes and softball-sized hail were reported in northeast Arkansas, where about half of the town of Marmaduke had evacuated because of gas leaks and other concerns, police said.

In Tennessee, eight people died near Newbern in Dyer County and seven in neighboring Gibson County, local emergency officials said... [my emphasis]
The storm was evidently so severe that it picked up Arkansas and Tennessee and transplanted them to the Midwest (I also question the inclusion of Missouri - have you heard those people speak? But as it is sometimes included in an extended definition of Midwest - I'll concede).