Friday, February 10, 2006

And You Thought Ted Williams Was Nuts

New clothes for coming out party ... $85

17 cans of bug spray ... $100

2 1/2 years of air conditioning ... $375

Daily maggot removal ... Priceless

Caretaking, above and beyond ...
Pope told her caretaker, Kathy Painter, she didn't want to be buried because she believed she would come back to life.

Officials knew Pope had been dead for a while. Some police wore oxygen masks in the house because of the odor. Almost a week after the remains were found, Owens pegged her death as Aug. 29, 2003.

Painter left Pope's body in a chair in an air-conditioned room on the second floor of their Davies Place home.

Investigators learned that Painter took care of Pope's body - trying to preserve it.

Owens said Painter put on gloves and removed the maggots from Pope's body daily.

He said she used bug spray when they became too numerous to remove by hand. Investigators found 17 cans of bug spray in the house, he said.

"She really took care of (the body)," Owens said.
Painter even bought Pope new clothes just before officials discovered her body.

"She bought new clothes because she thought this was the time period she was coming back," Owens said.
At least Williams had a better understanding of preservation.