Friday, July 08, 2005

Friday Nature Blogging: Hell Dog Edition

Ah, yes it's this time of year that we especially appreciate having acquired our psychotic lab/shepherd pound rescue. This is truly hell week around our house each year (at least for the past seven years). We've gotten accustomed to his other psychotic episodes but this time each year, for the fire-cracking days around the 4th we seriously question our own sanity. He absolutely freaks and it doesn't matter if we have the stereo blaring, stay with him every moment or have him mildly drugged - he goes ape-shit. Unfortunately, in addition to his constant running around, panting and yelping, he places his rather large teeth on anything in reach - his favorite being the nearest wall edge (corner). After 7 years he even has our other dog thinking something's wrong with him because he surely is meant to be freaked out by something but he can't quite figure out what it's supposed to be.