Sunday, June 19, 2005

Quick Quip

So, if they manage to repeal the 22nd Amendment, who do you think Poppy would vote for in 2008? His embarrassing genetic offspring or his new found Kennebunkport pal? My money's on their new buddy.

On a related note, I find it interesting that everyone is so surprised by this friendship. Think about it. Clinton likely held information (Iran Contra) that could have removed the halo from Saint Ronnie and if not sent Poppy away, at least had him impeached - Poppy's gotta love this guy.

And Clinton? Well, he either (foolishly) thought that his actions would buy him some good will with the Republican congress or it didn't much matter to him. Clinton is a consumate politician. That's his greatest asset (as well as the greatest liability for those he represented).

First, last and always, he's a whore. Being accepted in that elite boys club means more to him than anything he did, or could have, accomplished for this country.